Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's been awhile!!!

 I'm back!  Gosh I am not very good at making the time to update my blog. In my defence we have moved house and have two lots of overseas visitors... Here is a photo of my completed BOM from Material Obsession by Sue Ross - I loved making it - I struggled with the fabrics as they were really not what I would pick - but I now love it!!!  I changed the middle applique block as I did not fancy it - and added the hexagons - I am so happy with the end result.  I intend to hand quilt this - I now have three quilts ready to hand quilt and this is second in line!!

In my absence I have also finally completed the blocks below and have the quilt top for this quilt completed (the first hand quilting project on the list) it is called Star Rose and a two versions of it are featured in Material Obsession 2 - a great book!!! by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke.  I will post a picture tomorrow of the finished top - lots of orange!!

 Below is one of my projects - I will reveal more soon.  I have also just received Rosalie Quinlan's new range Sweet Broderie from Retromummy (see below) - yet to decide what to make - it is just so lovely.

 We also made our halloween pumpkin - a new tradition in our house in recent years (thanks to our American friends the Hipps).  Sadly not one visitor came to the door - which meant we had a lot of treats to consume...

My 6 year old has also been cooking up a storm, thanks to Junior Masterchef - I missed getting a photo of the amazing Apple pie, but remembered for the Friars Omelette (yum) and the pancakes.

And lastly Retromummy
has a fantastic giveaway on her blog for some of the fabric below - go and have a look - she has the loveliest fabrics!!!!

Thanks for the comments - it is lovely as a new blogger to actually get comments!!!

See you all soon!!

P.S The photos are from my phone sorry hence the average quality!! Time to learn to use the fancy camera.


  1. A big bloggy welcome to you! For all that you've been doing, it's amazing what you've achieved. My MO blocks are still in packets much to my shame. I love your center, I was thinking of changing that part too. Your star Rose quilt is a stunner!

  2. Beautiful quilts! That hex centre is gorgeous.
    Great to see you blogging, I often pop in to see what you're up to.

  3. oh love the quilt top! wow!!!!!

    gosh halloween is crazy in our streets here!


  4. Hi! You won the giveaway on my blog but I can't find an email contact for you. Send me an email with your address details and I'll pop in the fabrics in the post.
    Have a great week!